Mr. Ganga Kumar, Addl. CEO, Bihar Foundation

Mr. Ganga Kumar, Addl. CEO, Bihar Foundation

Message by Mr. Ganga Kumar, Addl. CEO, Bihar Foundation

Bihar, nestled in the East corner of India is a special place indeed. It is a State of modern culture and ancient traditions, spectacular history, thriving business and enterprise opportunities. Add to this mix its diligent and intelligent people and you have a place to be proud of.

The Bihari community is scattered across the Globe, some people having recently left their homeland, with others yet to return from second or third generation emigration. Many of the Bihar Diaspora act as proud ambassadors in a wide variety of roles, even more would like to find a way to stay connected with the State and promote their identity as natives of Bihar. Whatever the background, maintaining that link to ‘Motherland’ is a fundamental impulse no matter how near or far you are.

Bihar Foundation has been set up to reach out and engage with Bihar’s global community. With a network of chapters spread across 5 continents, the Foundation is made up of people with a connection to Bihar, no matter where they may be living.

The Foundation acts as resource for the economic, social and cultural development of Bihar. It is working in an innovative, cross-sectoral way to connect the motherland with her global Diaspora family, creating linkages that develop skills, experience, networks and resources for the State.

With the constant improvements in global communications and technology, Bihar Foundation hopes to engage its global Diaspora to play an increasingly significant role in accelerating global economic growth for mutual benefit.

Bihar Foundation is for Bihar and from Bihar – we want to hear from you, where-ever you are because your ideas and your input are what will make this organization work!