APARNA : A dream project of Non Resident Biharis (NRB) of Mumbai

APARNA is a dream project of Non Resident Biharis (NRB) channelized by the Mumbai Chapter of the foundation. It is a common dream of about 450 micro entrepreneurs of Bihar who wanted to return back and contribute in the development of the state. They didn’t have the way and proper resources individually but collectively their investment amounts to more than hundred Crores. Bihar Foundation provided them a platform and made their dreams turning into reality.

Aparna Industrial Promotion Council

The Hon’ble CM and Hon’ble Deputy CM laid the foundation stone of the industrial cluster on 24.04.2012.


In 2009, Mumbai Chapter of the Bihar Foundation was inaugurated by Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Sushil Kumar Modi. During the first meeting of Hon’ble Dy. CM with the Bihari diaspora at Mumbai, it was discussed that there is great potential for development of leather sector in Bihar. At the same time, it was also informed that many small, middle and micro level entrepreneurs of Mumbai in this sector are from Bihar and they could return back if the Government of Bihar would provide proper support. Mr. Modi assured of full support from the government. It was decided that the newly formed Mumbai chapter would contact these entrepreneurs and inform Bihar Foundation.  With this mandate, a core team of the Mumbai Chapter started consultation process with the micro entrepreneurs of Mumbai. After several rounds of consultations with different entrepreneurs, factory visits, workers interviews, the core team decided to form a group of participants to shape up this idea of micro entrepreneurs. On 30.01.2010, the group had its first meeting and it was decided to name the group as “Association of Progressive and Resurgent Nationalist Awam” and its acronym “APARNA” was adopted for the sake of simplicity. Later on, it was registered as a not for profit organisation (NPO) under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 and named the proposed complex as ‘Aparna Industrial Promotion Council’ (AIPC). Its registered office is at Dharavi, Mumbai. Its main objective is to develop and maintain industrial cluster for micro and small entrepreneurs to promote ‘inclusive growth with justice’.

An application for land allotment was sent by AIPC and Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA) allotted 2.5 acres of land for this complex at Fatuha, Patna. Noted architect Hafeez Contractor prepared design of the complex. Hon’ble CM and Hon’ble Deputy CM laid the foundation stone of this industrial cluster on 24.04.2012.

Aparna Industrial Promotion Council: An Initiative of Mumbai Chapter

The Project

There are over 450 micro entrepreneur participants in the first phase of the project housed in two towers of G+6 floors. Another tower shall be built in the second phase to accommodate 150 more micro & small entrepreneurs. There will be a Utility Building providing various common amenities such as canteen, bank, crèche, primary medical care etc. There will also be an administrative building of the complex. Every tower has a number of galas (units) of about 400 sq ft area with 15’ height and mezzanine area of 200 sq ft. On completion, the complex will house over 600 micro & small entrepreneurs and over 20,000 workers. It is expected to be the largest organized soft luggage cluster in India. It is also expected to pave ways for reverse migration and be a model for other industrial complexes.

Layout Plan

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  1. I really appreciate the efforts & vision of mentors at Association of Progressive and Resurgent Nationalist Awam for such an promising project in Bihar. I want to know the present stage of project i.e. constructed or under construction, alloted the units etc. I am also interested to contribute in this project by any means.

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