Best engineers in Delhi, Bihar: National Employability Study

The National Employability Study 2011 by Aspiring Minds reveals that Delhi and Bihar champion and provide the best talent pool for IT Product, IT Services, KPO, BPO, Software Testing and Hardware Networking roles. The data released under the National Employability Study 2011 analyses the employability scores of over 1.2 lakh final year engineering graduates.

Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-Founder and Director of Aspiring Minds said, “Delhi has concentration of some well reputed institutes and has emerged as a hub of high quality talent.

While in some states over 3 in every 10 engineers are employable in IT Services industry, this falls drastically to less than 1 in every 10 of the engineers in some states. This dramatic fall in employability standards across states is a disturbing situation.

Not only is this detrimental to the education standards and economy of the country, but creates social risks of frustration among ‘qualified’ engineers. The strong correlation of poor employability to the number of colleges in a state show how states are concentrating on quantity rather than quality.”

The following chart shows the employability across states by IT Product and IT Services.
(For employability across various other sectors, please refer to the Appendix.)

Regionally, it is observed that employability in IT services companies is highest of Engineers in the North, followed by East, then West and then South.

In the North, Delhi, the National winner leads the pack, closely followed by Uttarakhand and Punjab. East sees Bihar leading with highest employability followed by West Bengal and Orissa. West sees Gujarat setting benchmarks with the highest employability, Madhya Pradesh follows in Central India.

Kerala emerges with highest employability in the South, followed by Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In India, there is a concentration of engineering colleges in a few states.

The report looked at the ranking of states considered as ‘engineering hubs’ by employability in IT Services sector. It is observed that states with more Governmentt colleges as compared to Private colleges fare better on employability.

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