Big B blogs: Thank you, Patna

PATNA: Amitabh Bachchan wowed Patna. That’s old news. The latest is, Patna won Big B’s heart. “Thank you, Patna. You have been a perfect host and have made a permanent place in my heart,” Bachchan has blogged on his

The legendary actor was overwhelmed to see the “massive crowds of screaming lads and ladies” seeking his attention while he was in Patna. “The people of Bihar (are) simple, yet high thinking compassionate and very emotional,” he wrote on his blog from the Patna residence of filmmaker Prakash Jha at 10.45pm on Wednesday, the first day of his two-day visit to the city.

Bachchan heard the “roars of excitement all along the streets of the city (lined up by) thousands and thousands” and saw the “crazy zeal of affection” of his fans. He felt sorry for the inconvenience to the people because the traffic was stopped for smooth movement of his cavalcade. “It’s unfair to the people. But an enthusiastic administration does not take chances,” he wrote.

Bachchan, like many others, is an admirer of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. “A simple and modest man (who) has earned respect and admiration of all due to his hard work in bringing the state up to a standard which has gained immense praise,” he wrote about Kumar with whom he had tea on his invitation.

Just before blogging on Wednesday night, Bachchan had Bihari delicacy ‘litti-chokha” with curd in dinner at a journalist friend’s house. The food was “incredible” but no less “unbelievable” was the sight of “masses of fans outside and around the (friend’s) house and spilling on to the maidan behind it simply unbelievable!! Their roars at each appearance on the balcony and their obstinacy to remain there till I leave shall long remain in my memory”.

Even after his return, memories of Patna haunted the celluloid superstar. “The love of the people of Bihar and their generosity still lingers and I do hope I can visit it again in the not too distant future,” he blogged from Delhi around midnight – at 11.58pm, to be precise – on Thursday.

Hundreds of members of Bachchan’s FmXt (familia extendum or extended family, the term Bachchan uses for his fans) across the globe have commented on his blog on Bihar. Devkishin Vyas of Mumbai says, “A BIG THANK YOU TO BIHAR” for the warm welcome extended to Bachchan while Patna native Manoj Jha, currently based in Sharjah, has urged CM Kumar to request Bachchan to become Bihar’s brand ambassador.

Commenting on Bachchan’s regrets for cancelling his visit to Lucknow on way back from Patna due to denial of permission by the UP government, one Vishan Lal writes, “Patnawasi de gaye prem ki ghazab misaal, Lucknow se doori bhali, bichha hai mayajaal.”

Lucknow’s loss, wrote Lucknowite Anamika from Dubai. Proud of Patna, boasted Jha from Sharjah.


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