Bihar CM concerned over provisions of communal violence bill

NEW DELHI: Voicing concern over certain provisions in the proposed bill to prevent communal violence, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Saturday said they may create an “impression” among the people at large that the majority community is “always responsible for communal incidents.”

He also asked the Centre to hold “thorough discussion” with states over the draft for making certain amendments that are warranted before introducing the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill 2011 in Parliament.

“…because of provision of this bill, impression may be created among the people at large that the majority community is always responsible for communal incidents.

This opinion may cause sharp reactions among people of the majority communities, which will ultimately go against the minorities and will have adverse effect over the basic objective of the bill,” Nitish Kumar said in his written speech read out at the National Integration Council (NIC) meet here by a senior state minister.

He also opposed the provision in the proposed bill for promulgation of Article 355 of the Constitution in a limited area during “internal disturbance”.

“Such provision is not at all desirable. It falls in the category of unnecessary interference in State Government’s jurisdiction,” Nitish Kumar said.

However, “if in any situation the state government is found to be incapable of carrying out its ‘Raj Dharma’ in a comprehensive manner, necessary action must be taken under the Constitutional provisions,” Kumar said.

He also questioned the notion promoted in the bill that only states falter in taking administrative decisions and Centre has the role to set it right. “I am not at all hesitant to denounce this notion that only state governments make mistakes. The Centre has also faltered many times, a glaring example being appointment of previous CVC,” he said.

Source: Times of India

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