Bihar Diwas to be celebrated today

Biharis in city will celebrate Bihar Diwas on Saturday. The celebrations will be held at the Shanmukhananda Hall, King Circle where Bihar Governor, D Y Patil will be the chief guest. The celebration will be conducted by Bihar Foundation, an initiative of Bihar government since 2009 that aims to give better bonding, branding and business opportunities to the Biharis. The event has been happening every year in city since 2009.

“As per the program this year, we will felicitate Biharis and non-Biharis. Biharis for their success and non-Biharis in the friend of Bihari category for helping Biharis and understanding their troubles and standing by them,” said Manoj Singh Rajput, joint spokesperson of Bihar Foundation.

The felicitation will be followed by cultural programs that will see performances of cultural programs from both Maharashtra and Bihar. “Among the cultural programs, Gondhal Dance and Lavani from Maharasthra will be performed. From Bihar, there will be programs related to songs and performances,” added Rajput.

Organisers said that unlike the previous years, politicians will not be allowed to share dais with the governor. The reason being election code of conduct that is in place. “We will mostly not be making any announcements this year due to that,” said Rajput.


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