Bihar figured in Rio+20 UN Conference

PATNA: The on-going development work in Bihar echoed in the recently concluded Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bihar’s development path was discussed at various side events organized by civil society groups and stakeholders.

In fact, experts and civil society members participating the conference appreciated the change that has taken place in Bihar under the leadership of the chief minister Nitish Kumar during the last six years. Several developing countries including from Africa, Latin America and some of the under developed countries appreciated efforts done by the government in Bihar and demanded to have similar kind of just and inclusive growth in their respective countries. The two key issues – development with justice and alternative energy were one of the highlights of the discussion on Bihar.

Under the programme organized by the Sierra club under the heading “” Billion reason for clean energy access for people”” appreciated efforts and leadership shown by Bihar government. “The workshop was well attended by various stakeholders including the investors from US, Europe and other countries. The business community praised the situation and looked positive to invest in Bihar if right policy and long term assurance on investment is guaranteed”, said Rampati Kumar, campaigner of Greenpeace India on his return from Rio.

Kumar who has been working in the field of decentralisation of renewable energy in Bihar for the last couple of years said that the people were quite appreciative about the fact that Bihar has rightly chosen the path of clean energy.

“Besides that there was also a discussion about connecting the learning from Bihar to other countries which are in similar kind of situation”, Kumar told TOI.

The 2012 is being dedicated as sustainable energy for all by UN and the Rio conference discussed this issue in details. “At least more than 50 side events of the conference, issues like energy were discussed and in most of the such events Bihar initiatives in eco-friendly energy was highlighted in details”, Kumar said.

Some of the countries have already expressed its willingness to create a fund of about 500 billion US dollar equivalent to about Rs 25 lakh crore for various development programmes in developing countries, he said.

Kumar, However, said that all these are on voluntary basis and not sure how this is going to work in real sense.

“Greenpeace has already termed RIO+20 conference as epic failure, it has failed on equity, ecology and on economy”. The future that was promised, will no longer allow for just and inclusive development”, Greenpeace campaigner Kumar said.

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