Bihar has made a mark under Nitish: US official

PATNA: Bihar has changed a lot in the last half-a-decade; the CM has done incredible work. The level of corruption and crime has gone down remarkably, which is why I have come here, said Robert Orris Blake, assistant secretary, south and central, Asian affairs, US government, during his visit to Patna on Saturday.

Speaking at an interactive session ‘American corner’ here at the Indian Institute of Business Management (IIBM), Blake said, “The state’s development is being noticed all around the world as it has successfully created a niche for itself at the international level and we are here to explore areas of possible cultural interaction.” Bihar has lots of talent, and its people are hard working, he said.

Blake served as deputy chief of mission at the US mission in New Delhi from 2003-2006. Then he went to Sri Lanka to take up his duties as ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives. Since 2009, he is working in his present post.

Interacting with the students of IIBM, Blake answered various queries of the undergraduates. He spoke on various issues like trade, business, terrorism, global warming, culture, development and energy saving. He shared with the students how Indo-US relations have developed in the last decade.

Blake said, “After 9/11 we realized that these two countries share more common interests that include terrorism.” “Come together and fight against terrorism,” he appealed to all nations

Answering a question, he said, “Condition of Indian women is changing. They are now as independent as US women are.”

Speaking on trade ties between the two countries, he said, “US companies come here to help in the growth of India. But, it is not that only we give opportunities to India; we receive the same benefits too. As the second fastest developing country in the world and the third largest economy of the world, India is not just a developing country but a developing power.”

He added, “The government’s role is to provide enabling hands to their countrymen, as their growth will in turn help in the development of the nation. US has a large number of Indians who have received heights in their profession in the US. We want the same to happen in India too.”

Blake told students, “If you have education, innovation and energy, you can very easily achieve success in US.”

Source: TOI

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