Bihar industrialists laud Chinese work culture

Patna, June 21 (IANS) Bihar can achieve prosperity if it takes inspiration from the Chinese people’s dedication and hard work, industrialists who went to Beijing with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said Tuesday.

“In China, the dedication to perform and achieve targets is evident at all levels. It appeared to be the main factor that has changed China. Their dedication is main contributor of China’s unprecedented growth,” said O.P. Shah, president of the Bihar Chamber of Commerce.

The “China model” should be adopted in sectors like food processing, infrastructure and electricity, he added.

Shah said it was unfortunate that people in Bihar were more interesting in wasting time on gossip. In China, everyone is busy working, he said.

“It seems to me that work has become worship in China,” he said.

According to Bihar Industries Association president S.P. Sinha, the state should emulate China’s success in cost-effective manufacturing.

“We should learn how China is producing items from home heaters to solar inverters on a mass scale for the world markets,” he said.

Nitish Kumar returned from a week-long trip to China Sunday, and said he was impressed by the country’s development in energy, infrastructure, tourism and agricultural sectors.


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