Bihar outdoes developed states in GDP growth

It is celebration time for the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar. Once restricted to the lowest levels of development, Bihar has not only grown consistently but also outperformed even the most developed states.

It has clocked an annual growth rate of 14.15 per cent for the fiscal 2010-11, surpassing the GDP figures of some of the most developed states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab. The state has witnessed a GDP growth rate of over 14 per cent thrice in the past five years.

It has also made global headlines by getting into the World Bank Development Report 2009 as the fastest growing Indian state, followed by Chhattisgarh which saw its GDP grow at 11.57 per cent.

Closely following the two are Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra with growth rates at 11.74 per cent and 10.47 per cent respectively.

States such as Haryana and Himachal have also shown a steady GDP growth rate of around 9 per cent. Even Uttar Pradesh, which has been in the news for poor law and order situation, witnessed its GDP grow by 8 per cent in 2010-11.

Orissa, though, continues to languish behind with a growth rate of 5.67 per cent this year.

This is despite the fact that its economic performance has been excellent.

The figures were revealed by the directorate of economics and statistics under the ministry of statistics and program implementation (MOSPI).

Bihar’s senior bureaucrat Pratya Amrit attributes the high GDP rate to “construction centric growth in the state”. “The growth has particularly been in terms of infrastructure in the past three years. Of the Rs 20,000-crore state budget, about Rs 8000-9,000 crore are earmarked for roads and infrastructure.

The growth in infrastructure, including the tourism sector, is much to be credited for this consistency,” Amrit said.


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