Bihar scripts success story of economic growth

An annual growth rate of 14.15 per cent – the highest for any state in the country – bears testimony to the spectacular turnaround that has taken place in Bihar in recent years. This would have been unthinkable less than a decade back, when Bihar used to lag behind the rest of the country in terms of most development indicators.

The credit is due in no small measure to the state government headed by Nitish Kumar.

Mr Kumar – who had captured the reins of power in 2005 – appears to have worked according to a plan: initially focusing on improving the law and order situation, and subsequently using the climate of relative peace and safety to attract investments.

However, no less significant than the statistics is the impact the economic growth has had on the ground. A case in point is the fact that workers – who over the past many decades had migrated out of Bihar due to its stagnant economy – are returning in large numbers. This is largely due to the state government’s agenda of inclusive growth which is manifested in the form of welfare schemes reaching out to most sections of society.

That said, it needs to be understood that while the state has made a good beginning, it still has a long way to go.


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