Bihar to be among Eastern states to usher 2nd green revolution

Patna, Jun 26 (PTI) Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today exuded confidence that Bihar would be among the Eastern India states to usher in a second green revolution in the country and said that the state fulfilled all requirements for agriculture boom ahead.

Bihar will definitely be among the Eastern India states that will usher in a second green revolution as it has fertile land, under-ground water and industrious farmers, he said at a function on the occasion of Swami Shahajanand Saraswati”s death anniversary here.

There was a need for a concerted programme to hone technical skills of the farmers and enable them to use modern farm techniques to optimise food production, Kumar said adding that the state government had launched a number of programmes in this direction.

The state government was also laying emphasis on organic farming in view of growing demand of such agriculture products in the local, national and global markets, the Chief Minister said adding that a number of incentives was being given to the farmers like finding markets for organic products so that they could fetch higher prices for their produce.

However, increased production in the agriculture sector was not the only priority of the NDA government as it also wanted the benefits of boom in the primary sector to benefit the poor and downtrodden, he said.

It was keeping in view the dependence of a majority of populace on agriculture sector for livelihood that the state government had set up a cabinet committee on agriculture, popularly called agriculture cabinet, to chart out programmes so that various requirements of farmers like irrigation, electricity, new farm technology and markets for produces could be made available to the farmers, Kumar said.

Source: MSN

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  1. Sushil Kumar Singh ( Bahrain )June 27, 2011 at 8:30 pm · Reply

    Reliable access routes will also make it possible for the project to attain other goals such as strengthening existing farmers’ organizations, distributing agricultural inputs such as seeds and fertilizers, and constructing storage facilities and sales outlets. In rural areas, there are many villages that are isolated from town and are affected by a lack of reliable transport infrastructure.
    Despite its agricultural potential and favourable climate these areas are facing high levels of malnutrition and extreme poverty. So Government should take major actions towards providing sustainable infrastructural changes in rural areas and connect it to the town.

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