Bihar to develop land to attract IT industry

In a bid to attract Information Technology (IT) companies to the state, the Bihar government has decided to develop more than 1.6 million sq ft work space for them. Apart from that the state government would also develop a 200 acre IT city in Nalanda, near Patna, for these companies.

The Beltron, a state government undertaking, has taken up the development work. “It would be a win-win proposition for both the state and the private sector,” said Beltron MD Atul Sinha, “the state has highly trained manpower and land cheaper than Delhi-NCR, Bangalore or Mumbai. Bihar would be cost effective for these companies. On the other hand, these companies can provide employment opportunities to our youth, who today have to head to other states for jobs. They can also contribute in development of the state. Therefore, we are trying hard to attract them.”

The state government has decided to develop three small IT parks in the Patna in the near future, meanwhile it’s also setting up an IT City in Nalanda near the proposed site of the Nalanda International University (NIU) campus. “Land is one of the major concerns in Bihar, therefore we decided to be pro-active in this area. Today we have almost 60,000 sq ft of move-in space for the proposed investors, which we have to planned to offer on the first come-first serve basis. To take care of the initial cost, we are ready to even waive off lease for the first three years.”

The official added, “We are developing three IT parks in Patna. Two of these IT parks would be developed in the heart of the city; meanwhile the third one is being developed in Bihta near the IIT-Patna campus. These projects are expected to be completed by the end of the next calendar year. The total space on offer would be more than 1.6 million sqft. We have also allotted 200 acres in Nalanda for developing a world class IT city in vicinity of the proposed NIU campus.”

He said, “The state government has put in place an excellent IT policy to support your needs. We have no dearth of talented manpower. We have taken care of the land problem for these companies. The state today has remarkable law and order situation. Bihar today has an eco-system favourable for IT industry.”

Source: Business Standard

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