Bihar to follow Chhattisgarh PDS model

Patna, Jun 28 (PTI) Bihar Deputy Chief Minister S K Modi today praised the existing Public Distribution System in Chhattisgarh and announced the government”s decision to implement a similar model in the state.

“The system of procurement of paddy and PDS are very good in Chhattisgarh… even the planning commission has praised it. We have also decided to implement similar arrangements in Bihar,” he told reporters here.

The government has decided to ensure purchase of paddy and wheat through Primary Agriculture Cooperatives (PACs) in the selected districts under a pilot project during the next Kharif season, said Modi.

The state government has also planned to equip 8500 PACs with computers and link them with the headquarters, which would ensure early survey of crops for purchase during the Kharif season.

“Every PAC will have a storage capacity of 200 tonnes of foodgrains and we have started work on 2,200 PACs at present,” he said.
Modi, who undertook a visit to the naxal-hit state of Chhattisgarh recently, said the state government would use vehicles for transportation of foodgrains directly to PDS shops and godowns and the message would be circulated to the people through SMS.
“All these steps will be taken to wipe out black marketing of the foodgrains,” he said, adding the state government had also decided not to allot public distribution work to an individual but to a PAC or self-help groups.

The Deputy Chief Minister criticised the Food Corporation of India (FCI) for its alleged apathy towards the purchase of foodgrains and their storage.

Source: MSN

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