Bihari develops system to prevent runway mishaps

PATNA: Mirza Faizan, who was born and brought up in Patna, has carved a niche in aviation safety. He has developed a Ground Reality Information Processing System (GRIPS) to prevent runway accidents with cent per cent accuracy, which has been acclaimed worldwide.

Mirza Faizan

Mirza Faizan

Recently, Swissport UK recommended GRIPS to National Air Traffic Services at Birmingham International Airport. Anders Field, a Nasa scientist and inventor of ILLAC-IV, the world’s first supercomputer, during his recent visit to the aerospace research lab in Bangalore said, “GRIPS is a better solution than any other solution for runway safety, for the fact that it does not depend on ground radar and any radio signals. It is actually a Ground Reality System.”

Talking about the broad aspects of this system, Faizan told TOI over phone from Bangalore, “The entire runway is fitted with long-range cameras which take a picture every 30 seconds. If any foreign object is detected, the system sends live video feed to control tower and also the warning of presence of foreign object, along with its location on the runway.”

“In July 2011, we developed the working prototype of GRIPS. Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has shown immense interest in installing this system and has invited us to give a demo/presentation in the second week of September 2011,” he told TOI.

“Today, some of the most advanced fly-by-wire aircrafts in the world like Airbus A-380 and Boeing-787 are currently flying on systems designed, developed and tested by me and my team. I also have vast experience in various aerospace standards prevailing in industry across US and European countries, Faizan said.

“While working on Airbus project in France, I have also been an air crash investigator, probing the cause of some high-profile recent air crashes like that of Air France AF-447, which crashed with 228 people on board in Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009.

“After receiving my patent, I shall be the second Indian in history to hold a patent for a system developed in aviation for runway safety.”

About his future plans, he said, “My brother Mirza Rizwan, an MBA (finance) and ace banker, is with me in developing our company. We want to give back to our state Bihar by way of growth of information technology and engineering services’ related companies,” he said.

“We are also looking for investment to set up a software development subsidiary of Avembsys and a manufacturing plant for GRIPS system in Bihar. With the setting up of a plant, we hope to generate employment for at least 2,000 people in the next three years,” he stated.

“Last year we have started India’s first research centre in aerospace, Avionics & Embedded Systems, on an engineering college campus in Bangalore . We are open to tie-up with engineering colleges in Bihar for other such research centres,” he said.

Source: TOI


  1. Thank you for putting this article on your forum!!

    Mirza Faizan

  2. Kumar Rakesh RanjanAugust 31, 2011 at 8:43 pm · Reply

    धन्यवाद, मिर्जा जी आपके बिहार के प्रति aachchi सोच के लिए . आप को ईद की हार्दिक शुभ कामना .

    • राकेश जी, आपको भी ईद की बधाइयाँ !! अब समय आ गया है बिहार से जो लिया है, उसे वापस करने का !! मैं पटना आकर आप लोगों से मिलना चाहूँगा .

  3. I’ve done my research on Mr. Mirza Faizan. His work has been reported in many national and international media. He is an expert aerospace scientist. He was named as “Indian Pride” by many media houses. He was also named as “Real Hero of Business World” by an international firm. Great achievement at the young age of 29 years!!! Great going Faizan. You’ve done us proud..!!! To read more on Faizan and his company Avembsys, search this string on google: Mirza Faizan GRIPS

  4. Heartiest congratulations on this occassion.Hope this is the beginning of new era.The best will always be recognised and it spreads all around.
    Orooj Mirza

  5. कांग्रट्स मामा फॉर your ग्रेट success

  6. बिहा र बदल रहा है वे arehappy

  7. ही मिर्ज़ा भिया , माय बहुत खुश हु की आप बिहार का नाम रोशन किया है ……अल थे बेस्ट …मैंने आपसे ट्रेन में मिला था आपकी सादगी और शालीनता मुझे बहुत प्रफवित किया //////

  8. rama mohan rao anneApril 4, 2012 at 5:09 am · Reply

    It is heartening o hear the story congratulations
    can I please make a personal suggestion to sri Mirza Faizan
    with all respect ,following the foot steps sri DR APJ ABDUL KALAM ,please visit
    Kashmir and encourage the youth by giving motivational lectures
    ii)also please suggest to Indias sports ministry ,to conduct sports camps and pick up raw talent in kashmir in sports like Cricket ,Hockey etc

    God bless you a true son of BIHAR well done

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