Biharis in Canada celebrate Bihar Diwas

PATNA: Non-Resident Biharis (NRBs) in Canada recently gathered at Milan Banquet hall in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, to celebrate Bihar Divas. The annual Holi Milan programme coincided with this celebration, according to report reaching the Bihar Foundation office here.

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This was done to infuse a mood of festivity and feeling of being Bihari in traditional Bihari style. The programme started with lighting of lamp by Dr Laxman Das and Saraswati Das. This was followed by welcome address by Rajesh Jha, chairman, Bihar Foundation, Canada chapter, informing the audience about the significance of Bihar Diwas and the work Foundation was doing.

He also spoke on how everyone in Canada can participate in this common forum to connect, promote and do business with Bihar. Speaking on the occasion, Jha said, “We decided to celebrate Bihar centenary with Holi, because we apply gulal to each other as ultimate expression of joy and combining both is Bihari way to express the joy and enthusiasm of NRBs over 100 years of the state formation.”

Das thanked Bihar Foundation for encouraging NRBs to celebrate the foundation day of Bihar. “This surely gives us a sense of belonging to the land where we were born,” he added. A cultural programme was presented by children of Bihari diaspora. A film on Bihar was also liked by everyone. Finally, it was time for mouthwatering continental dishes along with Bihari delicacies like pua, dahi bara, littichokha and thekua. The programme was jointly organized by Bihar Foundation, Canada chapter, and Bihar Association of Canada.

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