Bihar’s new industrial policy promotes quota

PATNA: NDA II government in Bihar seeks to achieve what NDA I could not between 2005-10. Through its new industrial policy, which came into force on July 1, the government hopes to accelerate industrial development. The state has been able to attract an investment of barely Rs 2000 crore even though the State Industrial Promotion Board cleared investment proposals worth over Rs 1.7 lakh crore in the past five years.

According to an industries department official, the state’s new industrial policy incorporates the best features of the industrial policies of various states. But, more than the incentives and concessions allowed, what sets it apart is the bid to promote quota for the backward and weaker sections of society in the private sector, without making it mandatory. It has been left to the discretion of industrial units themselves.

Under the new policy, the industries following the government’s quota policy – altogether 50% jobs are reserved for backward castes, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes – will get an additional concession of 10%. Said the official, “This concession will be over and above that payable to industries in general.”

Besides, Bihar government has also provided for incentives to encourage entrepreneurs belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and women. Those setting up micro and small scale industries will be entitled to 100% replenishment of VAT by the state government. According to the official, “this replenishment will be done for 10 years from the setting up of the units.”

Clearly, NDA II is vigorously pursuing its agenda of ‘social justice’ in Bihar.

Source: TOI

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