Global Meet 2012 of Pravasi Biharis

Dear Bihari Brethren,

We are glad to inform you that Bihar Foundation is preparing to organize Global Meet of Pravasi Biharis (NRBs) from all walks of life and from all corner of the world, to be held at Patna on 18th-19th February in the forthcoming year 2012. With your cordial cooperation, emotional involvement and active participation, this meet will certainly emerge as a historic one. In this regard, Bihar Foundation really needs your valuable and encouraging suggestions to make this meet more and more enchanting.

Kindly enlighten us with your inspiring suggestions.

Dr. K. P. Ramaiah IAS
Chief Executive Officer


  1. Let me know what can I do! Meanwhile, please keep sharing info.


  2. It is a very good initiative. Institutionalize this initiative so that it is held every year at fixed time. Invite all major players from Bihar like Vedanta chief, Sahara chief and all others well known figures from Bihar.

    Lastly, please make a data base of all NRBs. We can fund any charity work in or outside Bihar.

    Thanks and Best Wishes.

    Amar Nath Jha from Mumbai

  3. Dear Dr Ramahiya,

    I would like to thanks for Taking initiative for such type of event or Get together in Bihar.

    Really its a great idea to come All NRB in a common place to meet foa a cause.
    Pls let me know , how can i help you in this regards.

    Apurv Gourav

  4. Mahendra P SinghJune 7, 2011 at 6:54 pm · Reply

    Dear Dr Ramaiah
    We wish to be at Patna on that great event. In Gandhi Maidan folk traditions, art & culture, dramas depicting our art should be showcased to refresh the memories of our brethren who had left Bihar long ago and must be carrying the old traditions/culture in their hearts. All the Best. We may bring our Bhojpuri drama team there at Patna.
    With best regards
    Mahendra Prasad Singh
    Director & General Secretary

  5. Dear Sir,

    It is a great pleasure to see the post. I would try to join it.

    I have same suggestions about the International airport in Patna. I would like to tell you that due to lack of these facilities most NRI invest money in metro just to have fast/immediate access of the investment. As per my assessment maximum NRI from Bihar invest into properties in Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata just to avoid the hassle of the air access.

    If we really want to see bright Bihar must invest 1st in Inetrnation Airport & Road.

    Regarding road also we have seen a deadly problem from Patna to Muzaffarpur area. How we can accommodate this 50Km distance in more than 5hrs. It seems that we are travelling 500km.

    Ramaiahji we are keen to invest and come back to Bihar but really decisions are changing when we see the Airport, Road & electricity facility. I have seen a drastic change in Bihar infrastructure but still some area has not been focused in proper way. We can’t deny it is due to lack of cooperation from central government also, but at the last the person who wants to do investment or returning needed the basic facilities of Airport, road & electricity in crime free area.

  6. Please let us know the agenda

  7. I think Global Meet is a great opportunity for NRIs and I hope to make it to this meeting. I am a geoscientist and like to know how can I help in the development in Bihar.


  8. Dear Sir,
    First,I would like to congratulate to the organisers of the Global Meet 2012 of Pravasi Biharis,and also to the honorable deputy chief minister shri Sushil Kumar Modi ji for this event to be organized as it was done in 2007.I hope in this global meet people from all walk of life from outside Bihar will have opportunity to participate and give their valuable suggestions to the Government of Bihar in the able leadership of Shri Nitish Kumar.I hope one day Bihar will be as developed as other sates like Gujarat.All Biharis people will have to contribute in all round development of Bihar to bring its lost glory.

  9. Anup Kumar Pandey .July 15, 2011 at 5:06 pm · Reply


  10. Anup Kumar Pandey .July 15, 2011 at 5:08 pm · Reply


  11. Dhananjay Kr. SharmaJuly 17, 2011 at 11:59 am · Reply

    Dear Ramaiah,

    We learned Bihari are not only intrested to grow up Bihar but want to Keep India in faster growing country in the world than our neighbour China. Two decimal growth rate we can not achieve until bring all Bimaru sates of India in two decimal sustainable growth. Bihar is one of them but i am prety much confident and can see a sea change specially in terms of infrastructure in Bihar. I am more confident with People of Bihar who shown stability by giving Mr. Nitish his second term. so we all are seeing Bihar in a differnt way not only we but may be all Indians.
    But i agree with Mr. Jaideep that we must have to improve little bit in better way industry main concerns.
    We want to contribute more if gov. of Bihar ready to work for development as it has been doing after 2006 onwards. Then not only Bihari but everyone will come to Bihar that a important point.

    I am in Seattel,USA Please let me know how i can help.

    • Dear Mr. Sharma,

      You can do anything as per your wish in accordance with our objectives of Bonding, Branding & Business.
      Hope to see you as an active member of the foundation.


      Satyajit N. Singh

      • Dhananjay Kumar SharmaJuly 20, 2011 at 1:39 am · Reply

        Dear Mr. Satyajit,

        I am glad to know i can do something for great state of India.At present I am in seattel, but before moving to settel i was in Boston & New jersey area as well.
        If you want to start something related to Bihar foundation in Seattel, i would love to do that.

    • Dear Mr. Sharma
      Liked ur concern about Bihar and keeping watch over the development in the state.You can do wonder in the field of computer literacy, skill development and Health sector.I am R.P.Sinha from Muzaffarpur and work in POWERGRID .

  12. SURYA BHAN TIWARIJuly 30, 2011 at 9:31 am · Reply

    Improve electricity supply connection in Bihar

  13. Hi Sir ,

    This is Binay Yadav ,Young Entrepreneur ,started my work from Hyderabad 3 yrs back , and now keen and change the mind set to come back BIHAR and start the operation from Ground Level. Bihar is celebrating 100 Yrs of establishment Year ,Govt and all other local Entrepreneur along with many other keen to bring BIHAR on world map.Bihar Diwas is good time to interact with all local ,NRI ,NRB and other Govt.Official .

    We can invite all leading IT people , AD world , media people and many mores from other states.

    Binay Yadav

  14. Subhalakshmi ChoudharyAugust 19, 2011 at 12:09 pm · Reply


    हम एक छोटा सा न ग ओ है जो बिहार विकास के लिया काम कर रहे है. हम ह्यदेरबाद से काम करते है. we are looking forward to being a part of this organisation so that we can collect relevant and important perceptions on our way forward.So that the villages of Bihar can also be a part of this development that we are seeing across the world. I want to take this opportunity to ask the NRBs to contribute by means of thoughts and ideas to make our endeavor a great success.
    I would want to also request a time where in we can show can our paper on what we want to do in Bihar and how fellow Biharis can help our state to trickle in development.
    Warm Regards

  15. मैं प्रीती हूँ फ्रॉम बिहार(झारखण्ड) से और मैं अबी बंगलोरे में हूँ ये रेअल्ली ग्रेट आईडिया है की जहा एक जगह आकर सबी अपना वीएव देंगे .मैंने हाल ही में times ग्रुप ज्वाइन किया है और मैं एक फ्रेशेर हूँ प्ल्ज़ लेट में नो अगर मैं कुछ कर पाऊँ.

  16. इट is अ ग्रेट आईडिया we से विथ proud that we are बिहारी .

  17. This is great IDEA thanks to Bihar Foundation. I am sure it will help to us to contribute for our own districts. I am working in champaran to establish it as
    higher educational and tourist hub ( gandhi circuit ). I look forward to meet people
    during this festival / meet who can join for cause and think about replication of project in there own districts. I look forward to contribute anyway for meet.

    If anyone interested to know about my initiative call me at 09910711112 or drop mail at

    • सर,
      वे अरे ओं थे समे ट्रैक. एंड वोर्किंग फॉर इन्नोवातिवे अग्रिचुल्तुरेप्रक्टिसस विथ रुरल तौरिस्म अत ओउर विल्लगे झिकटिया इन थे ब्लाक ऑफ़ सह्कुंद ऑफ़ भागलपुर डिस्ट्रिक्ट. वे कैन शेयर ओउर एक्सपेरिएंस एंड हेल्प फॉर मकिंग नरी’स कंसोर्टियम फॉर गिविंग कोल्लेतोरल गुअरंती to the लोकल बन्केर्स अस थे अरे वैरी मच रेलुक्टंत इन प्रोविडिंग लोन फॉर एलिगिब्ले प्रोजेक्ट्स आफ्टर रेपेतेदेल्ली इन्तेर्वेन्तिओन ऑफ़ थे रबी. वे हवे थे रुरल प्रोजेक्ट्स बुत अरे बैंक linked hence we need ऑफ़ थे सुप्पोर्ट ऑफ़ ओउर नरी ब्रोठेरें व्हो कैन पर्तिसिपते इन थेसे प्रोजेक्ट्स एंड शेयर थे फ़्रुइत्स ऑफ़ थे देवेलोप्मेंट्स ऑफ़ रुरल बिहार. पल फील फ्री to कांताक्ट में ओं माय मोबाइल ०९७७१५१३८१९ अबाउट थिस आईडिया.

      संजय कुमार Sinha

  18. “Hi sir i have just now joined our very own community . I am situated at Bangalore and working as Software Engineer. I am very much exited to attend global meet 2012.Basically I am from Patna , let me know if I can do anything for community.

  19. अपनी सोंधी माटी की सुगंध सदा समुंदर के पार से हमें खेचती है .फ़रवरी में होने वाले सम्मलेन में भाग लेने के लिये क्या ओपचारिकता है जल्द लिखें
    शकील अहमद काकवी
    दोहा – कातर

    • शीघ्र ही एक वेबसाइट और मेल के माध्यम से श्री ए० एन० शर्माजी द्वारा संपर्क किया जायेगा. साथ ही फाउंदेशन की साईट पर भी दिया जायेगा.

    • Dear all,

      I have like to attend the program; kindly send invitation letter is it enough on line or will issue card also.

      I will attarct to all of BIHARI non residential from Gulf region.

      Awaiting your reply by mail.

      Thanking you,
      With best regards,

      Aijaz haque
      Jeddah – Saudi Arabia

  20. सत्यजित जी, हम लोग कुछ बहार रहने वाले लोग है.. क्या हम जान सकते है की दिल्ली में कोई चप्टर है या नहीं. हम लोग वह बिहार दिवस मानाने को सोच रहे है… आपका सहयोग भी अपेक्चित है… धन्यवाद |

  21. हेल्लो फ्रिएंड्स इ live in patna those people व्हो अरे interested इन global मीत 2012 ऑफ़ pravasi बिहारिस तो कामे BIHAR if उ र curbing in any upcoming प्रॉब्लम इन बिहार दुरिंग global meet then please contact में in एनी हाउ एनी situation Er .AMISH ANAND न .इ. T patna general seceratry JD (U) TECHNICAL CELL ,BIHAR मोब नो -7250848414

  22. I am posting a discussion initiated by me on Linkedin in 2010: [ Comments of the Author are personal]

    Subject:- Do you think: “It is over optimistic to say BIHAR will be driver of growth for INDIA in future”

    Background given by me to help people understand the discussion:

    It is understood that in the current era the real growth drivers are “Under / Less developed Economy or States or Places” with potential. And..for the “Market Players”..the fun is how you identify and take the advantage of being an “Early Bird” to tap such market. Now,if we talk the case of BIHAR, Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) data released last fortnight depicts that with 11 percent plus growth rate, the state is the second fastest growing State in the country (despite all odds) and in terms of growth, it is second only to Gujarat.

    Some facts:

    1. Population: Bigger market as well as supplier of most important factor of production, Labour.
    2. Abundance of both Skilled & Un-skilled labour: Perhaps the best in their respective class
    3. Changing mind-set of BIHAR: perhaps gaining confidence from their History to creat a future……
    3. Perhaps, one of the best governed state( Law and order) these days
    4. Freedom of Press & Judiciary: The way judiciary & Press are functioning in Bihar could be a matter of case study. Fast Track Courts have been able to deliver justice…that too, in time.
    5. Model of “Freedom as well as Control” on the bureucracy: Rarest of the rare example ( Well done Vigilence Deptt.)
    6. Improving infrastructure: though not good but still imroved a lot over the last four years
    7. Leadership: I left it to the readers to comment on it.

    These are just illustrative……..list is long. People have started dreaming for a better tommorrow…The churning has begun…………State in its high trajectory of growth…Investment and re-investment are required in a big way….once this happens ….history will be written again…IN FUTURE.

    My comments [ hereinafter referred to as C] during the discussion:

    -[C1] De facto, the people of Bihar, has done it! Salutes to the people of the state…The society was fragmented..(or rather divided by the vested interest), and there was a need of a leader who can not only think beyond these boundaries, but also, help people dream for a better tomorrow….People have found that leader, five years back, who led from the front and provoked people to dream for a better future…and the people have given him a go ahead ! This is the victory of democracy…

    -[C2] Hi Akash, Mr Dru and AD: There is an old saying in India” Like King, Like Citizen”. The world has seen its relevance. See, the leader worked as a “change agent” and see the change, unprecedented support of masses. Every place has its own advantage on various counts. And Bihar also has some. To my mind, Bihar’s potential lies in it’s People.
    In coming days, if condition of infrastructure improves, Service Industry will see a boom there, for sure. I can say what India has done in the world arena as far as Service is concerned..Bihar will replicate the same within India. Its going to be the best place for Knowledge based Industry in time to come. Secondly, Bihar has got the best fertile land on this planet but becoz of repeated Flooding in North Bihar, the condition of poor and marginal Farmers could not improves..Once, Bihar finds out, answer of this problem, it would be the best place for industries based on Food Processing. Thirdly, Bihar is the birthplace of Democracy ( Lichchhvi: the first democracy of the world), Jainism, Budhism and to some extent Sikhism: Tourism has immense potential in the state. I have traveled and seen almost 3/4 part of India and can compare the places of Historical Importance what we have in Bihar and other states. But becoz of poor maintenance and equally poor marketing of the state as a “Tourism Destination” a. outsiders are deprived to see the fantastic places of Historic Importance and b. state is losing the revenue on these counts.

    Lastly, things have started moving in the right direction, so whatever, will happen, it will happen for good only. I am optimistic…

    See the comments of the Readers [ hereinafter referred to as “RC”]::Answers (8)

    [ RC-1] Rajesh Mehta: Hi Gyanendra, Bihar definitely has lots of potential to show growth across most of the product categories,services, infrastucture…. mainly because of the natural growth phenomenon .from almost negligible growth levels it has to cloack good growth with even little inputs ,from people, from government and various corporates. Imagine a situation if law & order, infrastucture and minset changes for the better.

    [ RC-2 ]Sivakumar Muthusamy: Director at GoFrugal Technologies: To be frank, right now it is a bit over-optimistic – it will take some time to get at that stage …..Though all the indications are in the right direction …..We need to appreciate Nitish Kumar for the decent job he is doing …..

    [ RC-3] manauwar alam – Manager-Corporate Advances & Risk Management: It wont be surprising if we say Bihar can be the leader in growth amng our states.What Bihar needs is A trigger for Turnaround.That has been sparked by sincere work of the current state govt.Now the next big Question is :Does the govt keep its good work with same pace ahead.If so then we ll definitely see a New Prosperous Bihar ! I wish we shall ..

    [ RC-4] Abhishek Singh – at Agrani Foundation: Its going to be true and the “engine” is just being fueled now.

    [ RC-5 ]bhalchandra PAI — Brand Advisor ★ Branding Consultant ★ Consumer Goods Expert ★ Marketeer right till the Bone: It is not over optimistic considering the fact that future means 5-10 years from now on and provided the present govt stays on for that period of time.

    [ RC-6] Amændeep– Team Leader at NDS Limited: I remember answering your question last time too related to Bihar, and post the voter consensus I think Bihar does not need some assistance of any sort, rather new growth phase is coming. While you guys in SEBI should await for more Bihari PSU divestments n IPOs ( I am not overly optimistic my friend), the rest of India can look forward to see actual investments flooding in Bihar in coming 3 years or so.

    Irony though, the fastest state GDP numbers are of states ruled by BJP n allies (Gujarat, Karnataka, Bihar); while Congress boasts of its economic reforms all the times :) Thats different political statement of course!

    Growth comes at a price and in India, envy is first sign of growth :) Watchout the neighbouring UP and WB, which might try to inflict their kinda hurdles. Rest seems to be fine!

    [ RC-7] Akash Thadani— Investor: Hello Gyanendra,

    If you were to look at it from the perspective of statistics and the probability of occurance of such an event (development and economic progress in Bihar); it would be well within the relmns of the possible that the present and expected future growth in Bihar would be an example for others to emulate, while also having a positive and pro-active influence on the rest of our country.

    The present leadership in the state has in place a new and untried socio-economic model and political face; where development and shouldering both responsibility and accountability are the benchmarks. Of course, they would improve upon and finetune this model with the passage of time; which would help maintain the pace of growth and economic development.



    [ RC-8] Dru Stevenson– Professor at South Texas College of Law: Throughout history, has any geographic location ever had a second golden era? Most places get one turn. Bihar is very poor and very landlocked, and very far from Delhi, Bangalore, Mombai, and Hyderabad.


    After more than a year of this discussion, i can say, people/authorities need to be more professional. They are lacking in soft skills badly.

  23. मै अभी फ़िलहाल चेन्नई में रहता हु और आपके प्रोग्राम में एक महत्वापूर्ण भूमिका अदा करना चाहता हु लेकिन फेब्रुअरी में मै ट्रेंनिंग(इनफ़ोसिस technology ) में ब्यस्त रहूँगा और आपका एक official invitation लैटर मिल जाये तो मुझे आसानी से छुट्टी मिल जाएगी और मै इस crowd का एक हिस्सा बन सकूँगा .

    thanks & regards
    दीपेश कुमार

  24. Dr. Himanshu ShekharNovember 29, 2011 at 4:07 pm · Reply

    Dear Dr. K. P. Ramaiah IAS

    I am Dr. Himanshu Shekhar working in DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) since 1994 at HEMRL, Pune. I am an M.Tech. in Mechanical engineering from IIT, Kanpur and a Ph.D. in same subject. At present, I am joint director here. I heard about Global Meet of Pravasi Biharis (NRBs) during my visit to my home town Darbhanga in Nov 2011 for Chhath puja. I am delighted to hear about this.

    Being a researcehr in the area of defence products, I would like to deliver a talk on “Defence Formulas of Chanakya for Modern Warfare” to enlighten the gathering with the current status of defence research. The lecture may be of 15-30 minutes duration depending on the slot and I would need computer connected overhead projection system for delivery of my lecture.

    Please let me know
    1. If there are any sessions in the meet for delivery of lecture?
    2. If I can be allotted some time to deliver the talk?
    3. If an invitation letter to this regard can be sent to my office, as I would require permission from DRDO headquarter, Delhi for the same?
    4. If I can contribute in any other fashion in the conference?

    I would require an Invitation letter addressed to the Director, HEMRL, Pune (Fax – 020-25869316) requesting him to relieve me to deliver the talk and participate in the global meet. I will follow-up and get the necessary clearance. The abstract of my paper will be sent to you by my office after celarance.
    Please see, if this is of some relevance to the global meet.

    Anyway this is a great initiative and I sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by the committee for the same.

    Thanks and regards,

    Dr. Himanshu Shekhar
    230/2, Armament Colony,
    Pashan, Pune – 411 021.
    Ph – 020-25865638, 9422004678
    E-mail –,

  25. I am plaesed to advise that I have been approached already by Secretary Bihar Foundation UK Dr Rajay Narain. I am a Consultant Developmental Paediatrician in the UK and academic lead ( Hull and Sheffield University). I will be speaking on the subject of Child development and effects of rapidly advancing technology in the 21st Century.

    I feel this venture id very admirable and will broaden the outlook and prospects for Bihar people.

  26. Dear Sir,

    I would like to attend the meet withmy Industry friends.



  27. dr.kshtrashal singhFebruary 12, 2012 at 5:22 pm · Reply

    dear sir.
    its nice to know that government of bihar is thinking about their citizens those who left bihar for their survival,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i am at present working in Ethiopia, east Africa,and i m so excited to attend the function,,,,,,it will be a great help for me if i could get A official invitation letter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,which will help me to avail leave easily.
    waiting eagerly for a rely from Ur good office
    thank you

    with regards


  28. Dear Team GBM ,
    I would like to come forward and join Global Bihar Meet 2012 as per Your wish and positioning for the event . pl let me knw If I can do anything to make it bigger and grand as per my limit. I have permanently shifted to Patna and want to take active participation in all the prime activities related to BIHAR to make it more and more grand and powerful

    Fashion Designer & brand Consultant

    brand NC : Complete FASHION MANAGEMENT

    Founder & MD

  29. Indeed it is great effort Bihar Global Meet opportunity to meet Bihari all
    across globe sharing thier experience towards growth of Bihar.

    Thanks Rammaih jee for the great effort.


  31. every begining needs a watchfull eye and that of course should be of king ,all the incidents are of great significant ,I met some participants and they are showing their interst in their contribution but they are having some demands related to least interference from the government machinery so they can establish and turn their effort beneficial for both themself as well as that of state , HOpe it will be seen with required weightege
    Thanks N Regards

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