Iftar Party celebration by Bahrain Chapter

Bahrain Chapter of Bihar Foundation organised an Iftaar party was on 12th August 2011 at the Al Misrea Tower, Juffair. This was attended by nearly 650 people of the Bihari community. People came from all parts of island braving the heat of August.

The function started with community prayers followed by Iftaar breakfast. Further different leaders and members of the community shared their thoughts on this occasion. Shri Sushil Kumar Singh, Chairman of the Bahrain chapter of Bihar Foundation welcomed all the community members present. He expressed his hope that the newly organised executive committee would be able to meet the expectations of the community members. The gathering was also addressed by Md Karim Sahab, an elder member of the community. He was thankful to the Bahrain chapter for working to mobilise the Biharis living in Bahrain and offering them a platform to share their problems.

Further, Mr Sushil Prasad, a senior Banker by profession and a senior member of the community also addressed the gathering and said that he was very happy to see the gathering and hoped that the foundation would continue its work on enhancing the communal harmony among the Biharis. The gathering was also addressed by Mr. Satyendra Kumar (Vice Chairman), Mr Shwetank Bhushan Singh (Treasurer), Anil Verma (Spokesperson), Mr Rajeev Ranjan (Senior Executive Committee Member) and other members of the community. They all welcomed the guests and requested the community members to use the platform offered by Bihar Foundation to share their problems and issues.

A raffle draw was also organised among those who attended the function and winners were given the prizes. Finally the party ended late in the evening with the dinner.

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  1. इ ऍम बिहारी तू happy

  2. मुझे बिहारी होने पर गर्व है “

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