Japan firm to design Bihar Museum

PATNA: Japan’s Maki & Associates along with Mumbai’s Opolis Architects will develop the architectural design of the proposed Bihar Museum on Bailey Road in the city. The project is scheduled to be completed by March 2015.

Giving this information, state art and culture minister Sukhda Pandey said on Thursday the two firms were selected from among 26 agencies which had applied for the assignment. “The government has also identified 35 acres of land in Vaishali district for developing Buddha Museum,” she said and added the holy relics of Lord Buddha, presently kept in the Patna Museum, would be shifted to the Vaishali museum.

The minister further said an open-air sculpture park would soon be developed on the campus of Patna Museum. A cafeteria will also be opened there. “Facilities for drinking water and toilets are also being developed on the museum premises,” said museum director U C Dwivedi.

An exhibition, which will showcase major events and developments of Bihar during the last 100 years, will begin at the Patna Museum on Friday, the minister said and added the exhibition would remain open for visitors till March 22.

The state directorate of museums has also initiated a drive to document rare manuscripts for its preservation. A move has also been made to map the archaeological sites in Vaishali and Nalanda districts.


  1. Why cant we have a Architect form Bihar …. why from Mumbai only where Biharis are looked down upon and accused of stealing flocking in and stealing jobs…then why hire Marathis for such a prestigious project? There isn’t any drought of Architects in Bihar? Even if Marathis are being hired please make sure that when you inaugurate the Museum please make sure to assert to them that we do not only steal there lively hood but give them too regardless of what think of us or treat us as!!

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