New insurance scheme for unorganized workers

PATNA: The Bihar government is all set to launch its own insurance scheme anytime soon to bring into net “unorganized workers and shilpkars (craftsmen)” of the state replacing the Centre’s Aam Admi Bima Yojana that had come under implementation in the country from the 2008-09 fiscal under the UPA-I dispensation.

The state government has named its insurance scheme as the Bihar Shatabdi Asangathit Karyakshetra Kamgar Evam Shilpkar Surakasha Yojana (Bihar Centenary Unorganized Sector Workers and Craftsmen Security Scheme), because it is celebrating the state’s centenary year in March this year. The nomenclature follows CM Nitish Kumar’s recent announcement that names of all new schemes launched or new landmark buildings constructed or inaugurated this year would bear the prefix “Bihar Shatabdi (Bihar Centenary)”

Under this scheme, the state government would give insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh for accidental death, Rs 75,000 for absolute disability, Rs 37,500 for permanent temporary disability, and Rs 30,000 for death in harness. The annual liability on the state government on account of clearance of all kinds of claims would be around Rs 2 crore.

The state cabinet is “about to give its nod soon”, an official said. Interestingly, the scheme had earlier been placed before the state cabinet for its approval, but was returned to the labour resources department to get clearance from the Yojana Pradhikrit Samiti (empowered committee for schemes), said a source on condition of anonymity. “Once it is cleared by the empowered committee, the proposal related to the new scheme would be placed before the cabinet for its approval,” he added.

The UPA-I had introduced the Aam Admi Bima Yojana, in which the state government and the Centre were to share the premium payment of Rs 200 at Rs 100 each for the beneficiary, while the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) had to clear the claims of the beneficiaries.

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