Nitish wants excavation of archaeological site

Patna — Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today visited a historical significant archaeological site at Balirajgarh in Bihar’s Madhubani district, said to be over 2200 years old, and directed officials to excavate the remains and ensure their protection.

He said that he will soon write a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the culture ministry to press for thorough excavation and upkeep of archaeological remains at Balirajgarh.

Undertaking ‘Seva Yatra’ in the district, the CM took time off his schedule and inspected the archaeological remains and mound of old structure before taking a close look at a brick. Kumar later asked the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials Vijay Kumar Chaudhary and S K Singh to carry out excavation at the ancient site spread over 132 acres in order to unearth its historical significance, besides ensuring the proper storage of the ancient remains.

Stating that a rich history of the region was buried under the debris of Balirajgarh, the CM said that he will strive hard to showcase the significant piece of Bihar’s ancient glory before the world.

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