Rs 28K cr annual plan outlay for next fiscal

PATNA: The annual plan outlay for the 2012-13 fiscal would be Rs 28,000 crore, which is an increase of Rs 4,000 crore over the current fiscal, and a big hop from what it was in the 2006-07 financial year. The Nitish Kumar-led government had come to power in November 2005.

Reviewing the expenditure by various departments out of the plan allocations for the current fiscal on Friday, CM Nitish Kumar informed the departmental heads about the annual plan outlay for the next fiscal, said planning and development department principal secretary Vijay Prakash.

Incidentally, the annual plan outlay for the state was Rs 8,459.18 crore during 2006-07, Rs 9,700.25 crore during 2007-08, Rs 12,335.90 crore during 2008-09, Rs 16,000 crore during 2009-10, Rs 20,000 crore during 2010-11, and Rs 24,000 crore during the current fiscal.

It transpired at the high-level review meeting that various departments had spent Rs 12,088 crore till last month. It was felt that the expenditure achieved this year was an improvement, since only Rs 11,092.44 crore had been spent in the last fiscal in the corresponding period.

Prakash said that the meeting decided to lift existing conditions laid on the release and withdrawal of the plan fund that only a certain percentage of the plan fund could be released at a time. Instead, from the next fiscal, all the departments would make their respective annual work plan to spend and utilize the fund.

The participants at the meeting included chief secretary Navin Kumar, development commissioner A K Sinha, finance department principal secretary Rameshwar Singh, as well as principal secretaries of education, energy, urban development and public health and engineering departments, Anjani Kumar Singh, Ajay V Nayak, Shashi Shekhar Sharma, Ravindra Pawar, respectively, and home secretary Amir Subhani, among others.

The CM directed the departmental heads to ensure that the money allotted to various departments under the plan head was utilized in time. He also said that a workshop and training be organized on the utility and popularization of computerized management information system (MIS). Besides, the rural development department was directed to reconstruct the buildings of all the 534 block offices in a phased manner.

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