Rs 90000 crore agri roadmap in Bihar

PATNA: Bihar will implement an agriculture roadmap for development with a plan size of Rs 90,000 crores for five years starting from financial year 2012-13. The plan size may even cross Rs 1 lakh crore.

The agriculture cabinet, comprising 17 government departments whose contribution for holistic development of agriculture and allied activities, with emphasis on value addition to agriculture produce, was imperative, had its fourth marathon meeting chaired by CM Nitish Kumar on Tuesday, at which decisions about the plan size and implementation date were taken.

CM, his agriculture adviser Mangla Rai, ministers and principal secretaries of 17 departments participated in deliberations over the reports submitted by 14 committees that were constituted to go into different aspects of agriculture-related issues.

Giving this information, development commissioner-cum-agriculture production commissioner A K Sinha said that vision paper for agriculture development for the next 10 years was also being prepared. He said that the agriculture cabinet has completed its final meeting and now there would be state-level farmers congregation on January 3, 2012, for their endorsement of the agriculture road map and its scheduled execution from 2012-13.

The meeting also decided to give stipend to agriculture students in the state to attract talent towards agriculture studies, he said.

Sinha said the agriculture cabinet decided to provide credit to the tune of Rs 21,000 crore to farmers during the current year through banks and agriculture credit institutions. This would be raised to Rs 63,000 crore in 2017-18 and to Rs 90,000 crore by 2022-23. He said the warehousing capacity in the state would be raised from the present level of nine lakh tonnes to 65 lakh tonnes in the next five years and to 90 lakh tonnes in 10 years.

He said that the government will invest in giving off-season subsidy to farmers through reimbursement of interest amount on the loans for storage of agriculture produce. He said that the cold storage capacity would be raised from the present 11 lakh tonnes to 75 lakh tonnes in the next five years and 100 lakh tonnes in 10 years.

A multi-agency, multi-level marketing approach would be adopted, allowing creation of market by private bodies, cooperatives, government and also under public private partnership (PPP) mode at different levels from the rural areas to state level in the form of ‘grameen hats’, market yards, private markets, food parks and the terminal market at the state level.

To a TOI query, Sinha said the government is keeping open the option of import of technology for enhancing agriculture production. He said there would be facilities for off-season storage of agriculture produce, ripening chambers and cold chains for efficient marketing of agriculture produce. Food parks would also be set up which would provide market facilities for value-added agricultural products.

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  1. It will be really interesting to see the actual implementation of all roadmap plans on the ground level.

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