‘Smile on Bihari faces tells it all': Javed Akhtar

PATNA: The smile on every Bihari face is testimony to the fact that people are happy with the progress and development in the state, feels noted lyricist, scriptwriter and poet Javed Akhtar.

Talking to TOI on Friday, Javed said, “This centenary celebration is dedicated to Biharis. So, what they feel about it is more important than what I feel about it. Their faces reflect the excitement about the progress made in Bihar.”

Javed further said, “Bihar has changed a lot in the last few years. It is still changing, positively. Biharis are very optimistic about the changing scenario in the state. Now, it is the state government’s responsibility to sustain the growth rate.”

Giving details of his performance in ‘Tiranga’, which was staged at the S K Memorial Hall on Friday, the noted lyricist said, “Through my poems, I have tried to explain the colours of our national flag. ‘Tiranga’ carries no political slogan. It is simply a presentation of various landscapes, time periods, feelings, sentiments and events by visualizing colours of the national flag.”

Talking about the present trend in music, Javed said, “Today’s music is like fast food that you can enjoy for some time. But you get satisfaction only after having the main course. Classical form is that main course of music,” he said, adding, “This is just a passing phase of Indian film industry that people are getting crazy for songs with no proper meaning. This trend will very soon take a U-turn and we will return to melody and classical music, the soul of music.”

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