Tainted IAS officer’s property to house school

A day after the police confiscated the house of suspended Bihar cadre IAS officer S S Verma, making him the first officer to face such action, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Monday that the state government will open a school in the three-storey building.

Even as the tainted officer pleaded before the Patna District Magistrate to allow him to live in the confiscated house as a tenant, the state government said that it will oppose any such petition. The property is worth Rs 5 crore. Verma, along with eight of his relatives, is facing a Rs 1.44 crore DA case.

“It is just the beginning. There are nine other high profile cases in which confiscation of property will take place in the near future. As HRD Department has made the first demand, all confiscated property will house schools,” said the CM, adding that Bihar would set an example by taking such a step.

He said the state government also wanted to hand over such confiscated properties to the Social Welfare Department for opening night shelters or to be utilised for any other purpose. He said that under the Bihar Special Courts Act, 2009, a confiscated property could be treated as state property till the accused is acquitted and handed back his property or its value with interest.

On anti-corruption campaign, the CM said there was “no conflict between the civil society and Parliament, as the common purpose was to have a strong Lokpal Bill”. About the state government’s decision not to engage former Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde, he said, “We will be ready to give our input on Lokayukta to the Centre. But that is a backup plan. We will first see the UPA’s model.”

On land acquisition, he said, “We are in favour of a provision to give land owners a long-term share of profit if the acquired land is used for urbanisation.”

Source: Indian Express

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