To push rural schemes, Bihar invites applications for pvt CEO, team

The Bihar government has decided to constitute a Bihar Rural Development Society (BRDS) comprising 32 experts drawn from the open market to help guide the implementation of rural development schemes in the state, telling them ‘Be the Change that You Wish to See’.

The state government is expecting to attract professionals with proven track record at the national or state level for the society, which will handle programmes worth Rs 6,000 crore annually, and is offering them salaries more than what the Cabinet Secretary to the Government of India earns.

“It will be like a company where quarterly results will be monitored as against expected outcomes and heads will roll in case of non-performance. People will also be rewarded for good work,” Santhosh Mathew, Principal Secretary, Bihar Rural Development Department, told The Indian Express.

Advertisements were released by the state government in national newspapers on Monday on the “autonomous society”, “committed to eradicating poverty, promoting sustainable employment and fostering social justice”. It invited candidates to become a part of this “self-motivated and committed multi-disciplinary team”.

The advertisement indicated that the “expected salary” of the CEO that would head the society would be in the range of Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per month, apart from allowances for housing, travel and other expenses. Several dozen senior positions in the society would also earn candidates above Rs 80,000.

The jobs being offered are State Programme Director, NREGA; Director, Social Audit; Controller, Finance; Head, Capacity Building, HR and Facility Management; UID coordinator; and IT Director.

“The implementation of schemes has become process-oriented, while we need a result-oriented approach,” Mathew said.

He also admitted that the government was tapping talent from the open market given the “restricted abilities” of the bureaucratic machinery.

While the BRDS will report to the Rural Development Department, the role of the department would be limited to getting Cabinet approval for policy issues.

The Bihar government, which expects to have the set-up in place in two months, in fact has outlined expected outcomes from three schemes already — NREGS, Indira Awas Yojana and the Unique Identity Project. “The BRDS will be like a portfolio manager for these schemes,” Mathew said.

Source: Indian Express

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  1. मुझे बिश्वास था कि नितीश सरकार ऐसा जरूर करेगी जिससे बिहार का उदय सुनिश्चित हो.

    सरकार के सामने जो चुनौती है शिक्षा बिजली यातायात चिकित्सा और क़ानून व्यवस्था उन्हें प्राथिमिकता देनी होगी और कड़ाई से लागू करना होगा.

    यदि मुझसे किसी प्रकार कि अपेक्षा हो तो निसंकोच बताये.


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