Training on urban planning underway

PATNA: With plans to effect reform in urban sector planning and development, Bihar government has started formal training of the members of urban local bodies (ULBs) from across the state.

A two-day training session on capacity building, increasing workforce efficiency, and awareness generation to enable the urban local bodies effect change through development at grassroots level concluded at the A N Sinha Institute of Social Sciences (ANSISS) here on Saturday. ANSISS has been chosen as the nodal agency for providing training.

A group of mayors, deputy mayors and other authorities of 28 urban local bodies from Patna, Gaya, Darbhanga, Munger and Purnia districts took part in the training programme. It was organized by the urban development department and Department for International Development (DFID), government’s support agency, from Friday.

Within a week now, all the participants will be taken to Kolkata for a hands-on experience of how urban reform is being affected in the metropolitan area through urban planning, effective governance and promotion of economic growth.

“In the first phase, we will take people from 14 ULBs to Kolkata. They will be made to see how Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor (KUSP), a nodal agency, has improved urban planning and governance, access to services for the poor and promoted economic growth in Kolkata metropolitan area,” said ANSISS director D M Diwakar. People from the remaining 14 ULBs will be taken there after the first phase, he added.

“It will support capacity building of municipalities, state support organizations and infrastructure at the community, town and inter-municipal level,” he told TOI.

Later, the groups will also visit reformed urban areas in Gujarat, Hyderabad and Bhopal, where under the guidance from DFID, social transformation has taken place in a short span of time. It has drastically improved the lifestyle of people belonging to the area.

“The unique training programme will work as a catalyst in development at the grassroots level,” Gangadhar Jha, an expert on urban governance, training and capacity building, told TOI.

Jha, who made a presentation on the role and responsibilities of elected representatives on Friday, added: “Due to poor training of authorities concerned, funds meant for development and poverty alleviation fail to have an impact on the lives of common men. Trained and experienced human resources will play a decisive role in changing the face of Bihar.”

“This training programme will have a demonstration effect after the trained urban local bodies’ officials implement their learning. Under it, special attention is being paid on local economic development, IT and e-governance improvement, need analysis and the creation of a network of trained urban local bodies,” Jha added.

On Friday, urban development department principal secretary Shashi Shekhar Sharma inaugurated the training programme. ANSISS will spearhead the training for two years.

Source: Times of India

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